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Social Concerns in the Novel “The Kite Runner”

In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, there are plenty of examples that prove this to be correct, walking through the life as an upper or lower class citizen, dealing with tough situations. As upper class citizens, it is much easier to receive a proper education due to the fact that it isn’t necessary for one to get an occupation to help support their family because no additional support is needed. Since upper class citizens can have the luxury of being able to read and write, they are more likely to become successful, for example,Amir, a young boy who is born into the wealth of his father, Baba, talks about how he is using his education to excel in language arts, â€Å"In school, we used to play a game called Sherjangi, or â€Å"Battle of the Poems. † The Farsi teacher moderated it and it went something like this: You recited a verse from a poem and your opponent had sixty seconds to reply with a verse that began with the same letter that ended with yours. Everyone in my class wanted me on their team, because by the time I was eleven, I could recite dozens of erses†¦One time, I took on the whole class and won† (17). This example shows how Amir has the advantage over most kids, who aren’t as fortunate to receive an education and is able to excel by becoming one of the most prominent students in poetry of his class. It also shows that Amir has a good chance of being a success by using this education to advance him for when he’s older. Rahim Khan, Baba’s best friend, also notices that Amir is becoming more knowledgeable in language arts when he reads Amir’s first story, â€Å"I enjoyed your story very much.Mashallah, God as granted you a special talent. It is now your duty to hone that talent, because a person who wastes his God-given talents is a donkey. You have written your story with sound grammar and interesting style. But the most impressive thing about your story is that it has irony. You ma y not even know what that word means. But you will someday. It is something that some writers reach for their entire careers and never attain. You have achieved it in your first story† (28). This again further displays that because Amir is able to receive a good ducation, he is able to write impressively. Not only does this example show that he is a good student, but it also shows that if one is given the chance to be educated and takes advantage of it they can become successful. People in the upper class have the opportunity to gain an education because they have the wealth to be able to do so, however people in the lower class aren’t as fortunate. People who are in the lower class are forced to work hard for what they have because, they haven’t been blessed with the luxury of being born into a wealthy family.This is true for Hassan, Ali’s friend and servant, who must stay with his father and work at Ali’s home to earn a living and isn’t abl e to educate himself by going to school, however Hassan learns to appreciate life and everything that is given to him, for example, Amir describes a normal day for Hassan and himself, â€Å"During the school year, we had a daily routine. By the time I dragged myself out of bed and lumbered to the bathroom, Hassan had already washed up, prayed the morning namaz with Ali, and prepared my breakfast.While I ate and complained about homework, Hassan made my bed, polished my shoes, ironed my outfit for the day, packed my books and pencils. I’d hear him singing to himself in the foyer as he ironed, singing old Hazara songs in his nasal voice. Then, Baba and I drove off in his black Ford Mustang† (23). This excerpt shows very wonderfully, how Hassan is a hard working young boy, in the lower class, who appreciates things and makes the best of his situation, he is awake bright and early, full of energy, singing and enjoying the day he has before him, happy to be alive.It also sh ows the fact that people in the lower class are able to enjoy the little things in life much more than that of the upper class, because they have to work hard and appreciate the things they work hard for. However people in the upper class may become snobby and take for granted the things that they have, for instance, when Amir is reading to Hassan, and Hassan stops him to ask a question, â€Å"what does that word mean? ‘which one? ’ ‘imbecile’ ‘you don’t know what it means’ I said, grinning. ‘Nay, Amir agha. ’ ‘But it’s such a common word! ’ ‘Still, I don’t know it. ‘Well everyone in my school knows what it means’, I said. ‘Let’s see. ‘Imbecile. ’ It means smart, intelligent. I’ll use it in a sentence for you. ‘When it comes to words, Hassan is an imbecile’(25). This shows that Amir doesn’t appreciate the fact that he is able to be so educated and demeans Hassan for not being able to have an education. However, Hassan shows that he is eager to learn more and appreciates the stories that Amir reads to him and wants to have the full understanding of the story, thus showing that people of the lower class usually show reater appreciation for what they have and earn. Some may like to think that living life prosperously is always a good thing, and to most it is a very positive experience because it represents hard work that one has done in order to earn that rich lifestyle, but to others who come into prosperity without earning it find it hard to deal with the struggles one finds in life. People, such as Baba, know what hard work is and are generous to others who are less fortunate because they know what its like to work hard to become successful, for example, Rahim Khan refers to Baba’s enerosity when speaking with Amir,†I think that everything he did, feeding the poor, giving money to friends in need, it was all a way of redeeming himself. And that, I believe, is what true redemption is, Amir Jan† (302). This shows how Baba, although wealthy, is very caring and shows a true commitment to helping others who need it. It also displays the character that Baba has been instilled with through life experiences, such as trials and tribulations, which help him to appreciate what he has earned. However to others, such as Amir, who is born into prosperity, don’t know the meaning of hard ork or how to deal with problems they are faced with, for instance when Baba is discussing his son’s inability to deal with problems, such as bullies, with Rahim Khan he says, â€Å"Self-defense has nothing to do with meanness. You know what always happens when the neighborhood boys tease him? Hassan steps in and fends them off. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And when they come home I say to him, ‘how did Hassan get that scrape on his face? ’ And he says, †˜he fell down. ’ I’m telling you, Rahim, there is something missing in that boy† (20). This is a good example of how Amir is unable to esolve matters on his own while Hassan is able to deal with situations and predicaments because of his tough upbringing. It also shows that Amir is incapable of working with conflicts because he has always been protected and dependant on others, unlike Hassan who hasn’t had that luxury of having things handed to him and has always fought for everything he has. In closing, the lifestyle of the upper class can be very fulfilling if the hard work that goes into it is understood, however if it isn’t and one becomes spoiled, it can be detrimental to one’s life and personality.

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Laertes and Polonius Essay

When Ophelia tells her father of Hamlet’s â€Å"holy vows from heaven,† his harsh rebuke â€Å"springes to catch woodcocks† likens her to a game bird considered to be foolish. He later speaks of her as if she were nothing more than an animal; â€Å"I’ll loose my daughter to him† (II. ii. 160) which again indicates his lack of respect for his daughter. He and Claudius were concerned only with Hamlet and so she becomes lost in a â€Å"sea of troubles. † Ophelia highlights key themes in the play, building on the ideas of deception, corruption and patriarchy that run through it. Two central themes of the play are deception and the problem of making a distinction between appearance and reality. Few things in the play are what they seem to be; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are apparently Hamlet’s friends, but are in fact spies commissioned by Claudius. There is a play within ‘Hamlet’ itself. Spying or eavesdropping occurs and â€Å"smiling villains† referred to. The actions of Ophelia also highlight this idea in a variety of ways. Ophelia is also used to portray the theme by the use of imagery. Polonius instructs her to â€Å"read on this book, / that show of such an exercise may colour / your loneliness. We are oft to blame in this, / ’tis too much proved, that with devotion’s visage / and pious action we do sugar o’er /the devil himself† (III. i. 44-49). This shows how a holy face can be put on something to cover evil deeds. The expressions of love may appear truthful to Ophelia, who speaks of Hamlet’s ‘affection’ for her, but (if Polonius and Laertes are to be believed) in reality they may be false, concealing less honourable intentions. Polonius swears that the ‘tenders of (Hamlet’s) affections’ for her are mere ‘brokers, not of that dye which their investments show / But mere implorators of unholy suits. † They may be traps, ‘springes to catch woodcocks. ‘ Ophelia also attempts to deceive Hamlet when she partakes in her father’s attempt to discover the cause of Hamlet’s unusual behaviour. She appears to be alone and lies that her father is â€Å"at home† when in reality he is eavesdropping on their conversation. As previously discussed, Ophelia may only appear to be a naive, innocent maid and be, in reality, the very opposite. In addition, her true madness contrasts with and therefore highlights the false nature of Hamlet’s. Hamlet comments upon how â€Å"God hath given you /one face, and you make yourselves another† and Ophelia does present various ‘faces’ to different characters, according to her relationship to them- acting innocent with her father, yet far less so in dealings with Hamlet. Hamlet also refers to the masking of reality by Ophelia when he says â€Å"I have heard of your paintings-† Hamlet believes that Ophelia may be deceiving him. If the interpretation that she commits suicide is correct, then the innocent imagery is another expression of the theme of illusion: her death appears to be an accident, but in reality is not. Through the play runs the idea of necessity of revenge for the cleansing of social corruption. This corruption is portrayed in Ophelia’s demise, which also hints at the downfall of Elsinore. Imagery Hamlet adopts in his first soliloquy implies general corruption of the world and he states that â€Å"things rank and gross in nature / Possess it† (I.ii. 136-137). He therefore aims to cleanse what is rotten in Denmark, but his failure to do so allows the triumph of disease and decay. Laertes warns Ophelia that â€Å"virtue itself ‘scapes not calumnious strokes,/ the canker galls the infants of the spring. † In addition to Shakespeare employing many images of disease and decay, he also includes several expressions relating to physical deterioration such as â€Å"the fatness of these pursy times† (III. iv. 154) and â€Å"the drossy age† (V. ii. 181). Ophelia’s own deterioration accentuates the theme but while all others perish due to their weaknesses, her demise is brought about by her virtues. Ophelia dies from loving too much and for being too pure. The potential of a stronger, wiser side to her character (hinted at by her comebacks at Laertes) is never realised. The coarse nature of the songs she sings in her madness shows that the corrupt world has taken its toll on the pure Ophelia. As discussed, throughout the play she represents innocence, emphasised by imagery and language. Her drowning depicts the death of innocence itself, thus indicates Hamlet’s failure and impending disaster for the court. It has been suggested that Shakespeare’s plays â€Å"reflect and voice a masculine anxiety about the uses of patriarchal power over women, specifically about man’s control over woman’s sexuality. i † (i Coppelia Kahn 1981 Man’s Estate: Masculine Identity in Shakespeare). This could indeed be true of ‘Hamlet,’ where the political world of Elsinore is shown not to be a place where women matter much, and this leads to their destruction. They do not have a say in anything; the world is presented as one where men are dominant and, if necessary, prepared to use women (even their own family) to benefit them in terms of power. Ophelia exemplifies this, confused by what is happening around her as she strives to do what Polonius, Laertes and Hamlet want her to. Polonius does not advise Ophelia to be true to herself as he advises Laertes, but points out that Hamlet has the freedom to do as he wishes whereas she does not. She is subject to the double standard of the difference between male and female freedom of choice and action. Laertes is treated very differently by his father in comparison to the lack of regard he shows Ophelia. Ophelia’s wishes are never considered- women had little status. Gertrude, too, has limited influence. Claudius and Polonius wield the power. Both women die but Ophelia’s end bears particular significance because she is driven to it by events she cannot control. Her death indicates the corrupting effects of the male-dominated political realm of Elsinore, in which, as Polonius shows, there is little room for the consideration of love. All of the characters fail in the sinful world of Elsinore, where there is no possibility for a fulfilled life. Ophelia’s demise adds to Shakespeare’s bleak message that evil can triumph. Defeat seems inevitable, whether they accept the conditions of Elsinore and live with the deceitful principles of the political world as Polonius does, or seek out love, as Ophelia does, or attempt to find sense in things, like Hamlet. In conclusion, through Ophelia a greater appreciation of other characters is achievable. She illuminates aspects of Hamlet- his suspicion of women and indecisiveness and, by comparison and contrast with her, also his strength, nobility and sanity. She gives insight into his nature both prior to and following his father’s death, therefore allowing the audience a better understanding of (and more sympathy for) him. Also revealed are aspects of Laertes and Polonius’ characters. Shakespeare uses Ophelia to add more depth to the themes of the play, namely the dangers of patriarchy, illusion and corruption. It is through Ophelia that Shakespeare achieves a genuinely tragic response to the play ‘Hamlet’.

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Aggression in dementia

Aggression in dementia Introduction Aggression in people with dementia is a behaviour that can be evident is care environments where dementia care is given. This is a issue that is becoming a growing health concern (Jackson and Mallory, 2009: Alzheimer’s Society, 2014: Cipriani et al. 2011). This is an issue that is likely to keep growing and developing as the population continues to age. (Nguyen, Love and Kunik. 2008). This is an issue that needs to be managed well with good leadership and guidance from management and nursing staff and the input from all relevant members of the multidisciplinary team charged with caring for individuals who show signs of aggressive behaviour and this is critical in making this achievable and protecting patients and residents in long term care environments from potential harm. This piece of work will look at a practice situation from a clinical placement area that highlights how resident safety can be an issue within a care environment. This will explore the nursi ng leadership skills and management that where utilised to address this particular situation and how all care professionals within the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) were involved and the impact this had on all team members. Situation The situation developed whilst the student was on a first year placement in a nursing care home which specialised in the care of people with varying types and levels of dementia. The situation involved a male resident who was showing signs of aggression towards other residents, both male and female. The staff where as vigilant they could be, but due to limited staff. Aggressive incidents did occur where staff had to attend and separate the residents and try to diffuse the situation. This particular person was developing unusual behaviours that manifested in the individual was found over a period of time to have been getting into various female residents beds when the residents where in them sleeping. This was initially highlighted by the care staff to the nurse in charge when it was found that this person was found in resident’s rooms and subsequently in female resident’s beds. This was however not acted upon as the nurse thought that this may be a temporary issue and advised care staff to observe this person as much as reasonably possible. This situation however escalated when it was discovered that a female resident was found to be extremely upset and agitated and it was discovered that this was due to this individual in question being in the same bed as her and had woke her up. This resulted in an emergency meeting having to be arranged between the nurse in charge and members of the MDT team who were involved in the care of this individual and then trying to formulate a suitable strategy that would benefit the care environment, i.e. minimise the issues that had happened and to prevent further issues developing. The nurse in charge and the management also were aware this person still had to have a good quality of life within the environment and promote the safety of the other residents within this care environment.

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Decision Marking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Decision Marking - Essay Example The issue will first be illustrated, and then it will be necessary to identify the importance of decision making process for the company; the major part of the work will e devoted to the detailed structured analysis of the issue and application of the soft system technology to it. Conclusion will summarize the acquired information and will make it possible to define the best solutions. Last year more than 50% of total passenger traffic was generated within North America and Europe, with Japan accounting for an additional 4% from domestic or international flights. These three regions equate to more than 70% ($US400 billion) of airline revenues. However the picture will change dramatically in the next five years, due mainly to the emergence of China and India as economic superpowers set to capture about 15% of expected growth in global traffic. It is clearly seen, that the issue to be discussed in the present work is how to keep the existing market share in the global traffic and how to attract additional customers to the area of the North American and European airlines, so that with the emergence of China and India as new super powerful economic states these market shares should not be threatened to minimize. It is obvious, that possessing significant market share in global traffic and especially airline needs constant attention and decision-making, because the thr eat of India and China occupying its considerable part is based on objective reasons and grounds. However, on the other hand, these assumptions may underlie another aspect - tending to stability and knowing the quality of the services provided by European and North American airlines many customers would not be willing to change the supplier of these services, that is, the airline company they usually use for traveling on business or entertainment. Background The starting point for any aircraft demand analysis is clear understanding of the issues driving air transport and the way in which they relate to the future air traffic and aircraft capacity. Airbus' traffic forecast process is based on four major building blocks, and it should be noted that these building blocks are also important to be known in the present decision-making process. These are Brand, Emerging Markets, Human Assets and Technology. The two aspects which will be taken for analysis here are Brand and Technology. It will be essential to see how these two aspects of the airline business should be involved into keeping the present market share and what decisions should be made in relation to these two aspects to make them work for the benefit of the leading world airline companies. These will be taken as the two major issues or challenges to be faced by the companies in the nearest future and thus appropriate decision-making techniques should be chosen. (Isenberg 1996, p. 7 78) It is stated, that airlines based in Middle East and Asia are expected to develop more quickly than airlines based in other regions, growing by an average of 6.4% and 6.2% respectively. This is fuelled by the aspiration of airlines and in some cases the countries themselves, as well as access to bourgeoning markets driven by liberalization and a growing propensity to travel. But for the companies which are

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A better a Life by Chris Weitz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A better a Life by Chris Weitz - Essay Example Carlos is in such a situation and he reveals his fears to his employer, Blasco who wants to return to Mexico after making enough money. Undocumented workers have no guarantee that they will be hired to work without licensing and insurance as Carlos is unsure if he will get any employment after Blasco leaves for Mexico and has to take the risk of purchasing Blasco’s truck to be his own employer and take on Blasco’s business. The only choice that is available for undocumented workers in the United States is to work as a hired hand and ensure they are invisible if they are to survive the debilitating conditions as undocumented workers.  There is no certainty in the lives of undocumented workers as to the presence of work compared to documented workers who have access to monthly jobs and pension schemes, as well as health insurance. This is well illustrated when Blasco drops Carlos after a day’s work and informs him that there will be no work the next day. The othe r episode that exposes this sad reality in the lives of undocumented workers is where workers congregate to be picked up for work and some immigrate may not have the chance of getting work as depicted by Santiago an Carlos at the end of the day. The other portrayal of undocumented workers is that they have to play certain roles in the community that are despised including lawn mowing as done by Carlos, park cars, washing dishes, and man tables in hotels.     Undocumented workers are faced with financial challenges and have to work even on Sundays to make ends meet.

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The EU has significantly contributed to improving the position of Essay

The EU has significantly contributed to improving the position of atypical workers - Essay Example In these years, there have emerged new forms of work with the changing corporate cultures and requirements of work. These forms include part time work, self employed work, temporary agency work, and others. The number of ‘atypical workers’ has been rising in recent years in the European Union. The broad class of an atypical worker in the EU includes workers on fixed term contracts, construction industry workers, agency workers etc. But unlike a ‘typical’, regular, full-time employee, these atypical workers are guaranteed fewer occupational rights and protection as dictated by the legislation1. This is so because they deviate considerably from the definition of ‘standard’ occupation and regular labour laws seldom apply to them (Broughton, 2010, p.2). But over the past decade, there have been legislations in order to protect the rights of these workers. For example, the Council Directive of December 1997 and June 1999, concerning the framework on part-time and fixed-time work respectively. In the EU, there have been many directions picked to regulate the atypical workers. One of the attempts made was to make sure that the workers and their type of work is not discriminated, thus a new legal concept was regulated which stated that the category of ‘employment’ set under the legal framework, and the subordination criteria not to be used as an instrument to discriminate between the workers of the organization. However, in 2005, the Commission’s Communication on the Social Agenda proposed the Green Paper which was to analyse the work patterns and the position of the labour law to enhance the development of the trends of work. The Green Paper was ‘Modernizing labour law to meet the challenges of the 21st century’ and it was presented in 2006. It subjected to the increase of the atypical contracts with the strong integration of women and older workers represented too2. Another direction taken by the EU on the

Summary of a Professional Ethics Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Summary of a Professional Ethics Article - Essay Example This is quite synonymous to the fact that every citizen can avail medical facilities when they require it. In the United States, there are several active private organizations that are providing legal services to the general public on a very low price. Their charges are not dependent on the market price. Government is also taking an active part in providing legal facilities to the citizens where they cannot afford one. In order to determine who provisions these legal services, the author has taken a few assumptions. One such assumption involves that the community has accepted an adversary system. The adversarial system involves having advocates from both parties and then having a judge or a jury decides what is right (Corrin,  2004, p.  3). It is assumed that the citizens will have 4 basic rights: Every citizen is entitled to log a complaint to a judge or a tribunal, once a complaint is logged, the other party has to come in front of the court and explain their actions, they have a right to unanimously agree on the decision the judge has made and if the complaining party wishes, they can have the decision implemented. Since the judge is only involved for the decision making process, it is also assumed that the parties will gather their evidences (Richards & Rathbun,  1999, p.  6). It is also assumed that the judge has a responsibility to provide a healthy space for both parties to present their arguments, to give a fair decision, to make the rule applicable for all future similar cases and to explain their reasoning process to make it understandable to both parties involved why that specific decision was taken. This system relies on both parties to unanimously agree with the decision placed by the judge and the judge to be impartial (Glendon, Wright-Carozza, & Picker,  2008, p.  101). Once the judicial system is setup, it is important to understand the need for the community to be well aware of their rights to avoid injustice.

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Microsoft and its investment in Ireland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Microsoft and its investment in Ireland - Essay Example A lot of work is done in Ireland unit of Microsoft which ranges from software development to operations, finance to localization, marketing etc (Microsoft, 2011). The first significant investment done by Microsoft since its inception in Ireland was the establishment of the EMEA Operation Centre. The European development centre which is the research and development centre for entire Microsoft Europe was established in 1988. The research and development work for the large range of products like windows, MS Office, Windows Live, Forefront, XBOX, MSN etc. About five hundred people are employed in this centre. This centre provides a vast variety of activities which ranges from customer support to providing business services, manufacturing to financial activities, billing, supply chain management activities etc. This is one of the important investments made by Microsoft in Ireland. The second significant investment done by Microsoft Ireland during the early nineties was setting up the â₠¬ËœSales, Marketing and Service Group’. The group offering sales, marketing and other related services are operating in Microsoft Ireland since 1991. The main activity of this group is to do the total sales and market the products and the services to all the customers and other business partners across Ireland. The customer group ranges from small personal computer user to business enterprises. This group comprises of a varied group of professional such as sales professionals, marketing professionals, technicians, and finance professionals etc who with their special skills and experience add value to the organization and its products and services. This was a very special and... It is evident from the study that globalization has paved the way for companies to invest and expand across the international frontiers. Companies generally expand to various countries to tap the favourable business condition of the foreign land. Foreign investments not only influence the business prospects of the foreign company but also have a strong impact on the overall economic, social and technological performance of the host country. In other words foreign direct investments influence the performance of the company as well as the performance of the country too. Foreign investments are generally made in that country which has good business prospects in other words where the company can expect good returns and where the business is hassle free. On the other hand a country also encourages foreign direct investments in those sectors which is expected to support and promote the overall development of the economy as well as the generation of employment. From the year 1985 Microsoft has started its business in Ireland and after then the country becomes an important base for Microsoft. Microsoft has continued to invest more and more in the country as the revenue from the country also increased. In the 1990s Ireland becomes an attractive country for the multinational companies for doing business especially the information technology based companies as the Irish government has started many policies, as a result of which the population become more educated and the education was more industry oriented.

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Apple Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Apple - Research Paper Example Apple Inc. has been established by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in early 1970s when a hobby-machine that a very talented electronic wiz developed for himself and thence they thought to market it. The company has experienced full of highs and lows in its past 30 years as normally expected of a technology company and has still remained far positive despite economic, competitive and marketing challenges it faced. Apple Inc. headquartered in Cupertino, California and incorporated in January 3, 1977, is engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of personal computers, communication devices, servers, network solutions, portable music digital players and many other related accessories and peripherals. The company markets and distributed its hardware and software solutions through its own-retail stores, online stores, sales force and third party sellers. The most unique feature of the company was that it has always been prospering on innovation. The company gained a very significant portion of the market in 1990s when it developed personal computer in the brand name Apple II, and when it reinvented the same within the next decade in the brand name Macintosh and thus ultimately to have gained a very deeply-routed brand loyalty with iMac in 1990s. iMac helped the company identify a very vast opportunity of a new market that has been until then hidden and it continually innovated many varying products and services in names of iPod, iPad, iTune, iLife, iPhone, iCloud, and so on. Apple Inc plays pivotal roles or leading shares in different industries such as Personal computer, tablet PCs, Smartphone, operating system etc. Hodgkins (2012) reported Gartner’s release about Apple’s market share in its personal computer industry. Though the report was a bad news for the industry as a whole due to that consumers are spending less on PCs as there are other technologies such as Smartphone and Tablet PCs, the news was very good for Apple that it showed an increase of its sales by 4.3 percent in the second quarter beating the shares of its competitors such as HP, Toshiba and Acer. When it comes to the market of Tablet PCs, the report was interesting that Apple’s share was nearing to its all-time high. In the second quarter of 2012, Apple shipped a total of 17 million Tablet PCs with an increase of 44.1% from the figure of 11.8 million in the first quarter. Apple holds 64.4 % of the total Tablet PCs market share where as the second leading company Samsung holds only 9.9 % of the

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Global studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Global studies - Essay Example on the quality of life in American society reveal that African Americans are the most disadvantaged and continue to lag behind the whites in every aspect in the society. For instance, African Americans tend to have low quality education, have difficulty getting employed and also accessing quality health care among others and this clearly indicates the depth of racial inequality in American society. This paper discusses how different individuals understand the issues of civil tights and racism in American society today and it covers the liberal ideals that assisted in promoting civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was a struggle by the African Americans to achieve equal civil rights as the whites including equal employment opportunities, good housing, quality education, voting rights, equal access to public facilities and most importantly the right to be free of racial discrimination. Therefore, this movement was particularly â€Å"organized to protest the unfair treatment of black Americans† (Wright 4). Basically, this movement aimed at ensuring that African Americans enjoyed the citizenship rights assured by the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments of the U.S Constitution. These amendments were very important to the civil rights movement as they guaranteed every American citizen equal citizenship (Hasday 8). Generally, the civil rights movement prompted gains for African Americans, women as well as persons with disabilities among others. African Americans’ rights of citizenship had been worn by the segregationist Jim Crow laws in the South because unde r these laws, African Americans were denied the right to vote; they were subjected to segregation; and disadvantaged when it comes to access to education, employment and healthcare among others (Ferrante 190). However, the Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1866 which highlighted numerous civil liberties including the right to make contracts, own and sell property and receive equal treatment under

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Milk - Cheese Essay Example for Free

Milk Cheese Essay Milk contains all the food, including protein, fat, sugar, and other nutrients, a young mammal requires for a long period of time. Milk comes from sheep, cows, and goats. Milk is good for us because we grow up healthy and have a strong body; we have sharp teeth and have energy. Everybody needs milk, for example: babies, toddlers, sick people, children, and elderly people. In various parts of the world, goats, reindeer, donkeys, yaks, water buffalo, and sheep are domesticated and milked. In most countries, however, dairy cows provide milk. Milk and milk products are drunk and eaten in many forms, including buttermilk, cheese, yoghurt, and butter. Milk can be reduced to powder, concentrated in a thick liquid, and used in cooking. Fresh milk sours quickly, but, when changed into forms such as cheeses, it can be kept for a long time. People consume milk in fresh, dried, and condensed forms. Fermented-milk products, such as buttermilk, sour cream, and yoghurt, are also available. Milk is used to make food products such as butter, cheese, and ice-cream. Under normal conditions, the milk of mammals is the only food necessary for the health and growth of that mammal’s young for certain period after birth. Cow’s milk can be substituted for human milk in feeding babies only if the proportions of water and sugar to other components are increased. Milk is composed largely of water; cow’s milk, for example, is approximately 87 percent water by volume. The main nutrients, food elements are: proteins, the principal proteins in milk are casein and albumin. They contain all the essential amino acid for building tissues, blood and hormone substances. Casein is found only in milk and gives milk its whiteness. Carbohydrates, the fat of the milk is called butterfat, or milk fat, and is the part of milk from which butter is made. It is an important source of energy and rich in vitamin A. Minerals, milk are one of the best natural sources of calcium and phosphorus. Its other minerals include iron, copper, sodium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and iodine. Vitamins, milk contains all the known vitamins, but only four-riboflavin, vitamin B2, thiamine, vitamin B1, niacin and vitamin A in significant amounts. Milk is an excellent source of riboflavin; it contains only a little less than does an equal amount, by weight, of lean meat. Microorganisms that Disease-causing organisms present in the cow can be passed on to the milk. Contamination can occur when the milk is obtained, stored, or transported. Milk is pasteurized to kill and prevent growth of microorganisms. Milk products: raw milk is natural, fluid milk. Pasteurized milk is milk that has been heated to 63 degrees.

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Four Types of Organisational Structure Essay Example for Free

Four Types of Organisational Structure Essay Organising is therefore the method by which an organisation is formally controlled into divisions or operational units and the structure of the firm is established. The end product of management process is organisational structure. Organisational structure binds the all level of management personals together and brings them into proper development and co-ordination of organisation. It is tasks arrangement which is break up into a few divisions or departments and grouping it together under the management hierarchy to achieve the organisation objectives. Under the organisation structure, one single path will create to attach the tasks, work flow and communication channels between the personals and the various divisional peoples of organisation. Organisation structures smooth the progress of efficient management, direction and control. Every administration has to set up its own organisation structure for well-organized perform of business actions. An organisation structure usually represent in graphical form which is called an organisation chart. Usually, the chart illustrated in the form of vertical, horizontal or concentric to define the authority and responsibilities of personals in various levels. The chart always created according to the existing departmentalisation of organisation. In departmentalisation, each personal from different job segments will work to achieve an aim of pre-determined organisational objectives. The departmentalisation is based on five structures, which is functions, products, consumers, geographical and matrix. In these papers, we will go through the justification of four structure which is function, product, geographical and matrix with sample organisational chart on each structure. Â  Sample Organisation Chart of Functional Structure. Source: SIA Cargo Pte Ltd Functional organisation structure is the most common and logical type of business unit that adhere by companies. In this structure, people are group together based on common skills and work activities. It focuses on single service and doesn’t need frequent changes in organisational hierarchy. Base on above organisational chart, we can notify that the total organisation system is coordinating by top management. For a proficient management function, the organisation breaks up into a few departments such as marketing, engineering, technology, operational and etc. Each departments lead by a senior manager or vice president who are reporting to a single authority, top management. As the simplest approach, a functional structure sort well-defined channels of communication and influence relationship. Each department’s staff needs to report to their only functional unit’s manager and by doing this, the various business unit’s prevent any kind of misunderstanding or conflicts among them. The chart hierarchy is simplified, well-organised and the separation of tasks also well defined with layer by layer. The fewer layer of management will ease the expectation of top management and also improve the task co-ordination. Decision making process is swift and authorities in functional structure. Because of the staffs in functional structure come from similar background and perspectives, so it wills faster the process of the decision-making without waste of time. Since the every business units in structure workout in similar background, it might cluster the processing of the papers together and highly improving the knowledge sharing between co-workers. Sharing knowledge make the organisation more productive and competitive where the experience personals such as managers often coaching and mentoring the less experience personals of each units through seminar or workshop. Functional structures produce clear career hierarchy organisation members to go after. Managers within a functional structure are generally skilled within their particular unit. They were hiring to lead the units due to their tremendous performance. These managers have a better-quality skill level that facilitate make their profession easier and makes them better capable of to monitor the individual act of their team members to allocate credit, rewards and penalty accordingly. A functional structure may draw some setbacks to organisation. It controls people and assets and build up core competences. As a company develop and becomes more difficult, each function tries to retain the company’s situation. Increased order may strain manufacturing to manufacture products quick enough or in sufficient capacity may lead to control problems. When control problems arise, it also strains the situation in evaluating the cost and contribution of each function. Other drawback is communication problem. Poor communication occurs within the organisation due to subunit orientation. The top management find it hard when balancing the process of decision making between centralise function and regional managers. The top managers might disrupted by solving a daily problems and may loss focus on long term strategic issues, resulting in long term strategic direction. Â  Sample Organisation Chart of Geographical Structure. Source: SIA Cargo Pte Ltd Geographical organisation structure is usually used by big firms whose operations are spread out over a large geographical area, for instance, multinational companies which market their service worldwide. Hotel, retail, food and transportation are among the industries which is widely using the geographical structure in their management. The whole organisation will lead by a president and one person will be responsible for an each particular region. According to above SIA Cargo chart, business units were set up at six different geographic locations and each regional branch head by Regional Vice President. The branch Vice Presidents will report to Senior Vice President. The expansion of business units can be local, national or international. In geographical structure, the organisation stick on company strategies and values although operates individually. It operates as its own unit based on where it located. In this structure, each personnel from various departments have prospect to work together. Working as a group will form a strong teamwork effort and keep them in the process of planning and decision making. Beside this, everyone in the departments will have an ability to recognize the personalities and values of each individual. Close working proximity lead to decentralise the process of decision-making and make organisation to settle in rapid changes in divisional goals. In each region, a local or personnel who familiar with local business environment and culture will be employ to head the business units. It ensures that the company well understand the customer expectation and needs. Base on local knowledge, the departments heads able to create a high coordination and effective process of decision making across the functional units. The regional heads ensures the company strategies adaptable to local culture and suit to fast change in unstable environment. In divisional structure, usually the departments act as a group. It allows the responsible personnel to put on better focus in their resources and results. It also makes the performance easier to monitor the customer service quality. A personal that understand and speak the local language, will satisfy the customer expectation because the contact points are clearly explain. Customer service personnel will also have better access to personnel from other units, which can allocate them to handle the customer matters much more efficiently. With geographical structure, following the routine of individual markets and task groups is cut down, as metrics such as revenues, profit margins, costs, and routine enhancement can be attached to particular regions. It is a most important strategic advantage of this structure. Many problems might incur for the companies whom use geographical based structure. Some companies may find it complicated to run a geographic organizational structure because it duplication of works and disagreement to centralized decision-making. The top management must rely on other regional heads to take counteractive actions and look up operations rather than giving a command from the companys main office or headquarters. It may lead the company top management loss the authority in controlling the divisional units. Another limitation is expansion of knowledge. Usually, the structure does not maintain the knowledge sharing between people working in the same line of work because part of them is working in one division and the others are working in other divisions. Sample Organisation Chart of Product Structure. Source: Arla Foods Ingredients Above chart is an Arla Food Ingredients organisation chart. The chart is a product based organisation structure. Product-based structure means the regrouping of a functional structure and uses to organise employees and work on the basis of different type of products. This type structure brings together all those involved in the production skills, technical skills and marketing skills of a particular product or set of related products. Each division in structure has its own internal departments and function as self business unit. Companies that manufacture a wide variety of products such as cars and foods would find this type of structure appropriate to their organisation. Many companies tend to shift to product based structure as they expand, and as new products range are developed and new markets entered. Product based companies have no direct contact with their customers. Initially, they need to assess the market segments and develop the product from their assessment. Follow that, they must determine the price of products in line with the customer’s expectation and produce the products to sell in the market. Product based structure is also have a similar function as geographical structure. In Arla Food Ingredients, both product structure and geographical structure group together in the organisation. It will add much better clear focus on market segments and help to meets the customer’s expectation. Each division of products will be operates base on individual performance. It keeps up the positive competition between the divisions and allows the directors or managers to have better be in command of each division can act as separate profit centre. In this structure, division members are more likely to be persistent on products. It deals with the technological transform by grouping personnel with skill and their specialised equipment in one business unit. So, the division heads have a lot of control over operations and will not necessary to depend on another, separate area to get things done. The department managers will keep an eye on design and manufacturing activities, and employees become reliable to product not to function. It also allows the managers and employees to improve and expand their skills and knowledge in the organisation. The customisation of more products into division will lead to save time and cost. Decentralisation of process of decision making will facilitate rapid decision making results with effectively. It will reduce the risk of product failure and also bring on improvement in employee morale due to divisional decision making. Instead of better operational controls, the organisation can avoid the poor communication within the personnel’s which is bring to slow development of products. By the way, there is some limitation might happen when use the product base structure. An example, each product division has R;D department. When product expansion incur, number of personnel in R;D will increase. This increment will happen to each product divisions. So, it will lead to duplication of works and increase the costs of staffs. Since the divisions separately monitor, the difficulty might happen to top management to coordinating them together.

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Users of HR services and their needs

Users of HR services and their needs One of the HR users for an organization is line manager. The line manager basically observed the activities that are associated with services and products. The duties of line managers are staffing, ensuring health and safety of employees and supervision of manufacturing plants. The need of line manager is the timely services of the manufacturing plants. Their monitoring work will reduced. They are also responsible in hiring staff. Another need of line manager is that the company will organize certain training session for the employees. These sessions will increase the efficiency of employees and line managers can easily supervise them. The employees are main asset for an organization. An employee needs good working environment where there is no discrimination between the employees and where they feel secure. Another need of employees is that they will be awarded with some rewards like praise, bonuses and promotion. These methods will motivate them to work more efficiently. Another HR user is potential employees. The success of any organization is depends on the potential employees. The potential employees demand flexibility at work. Employees should be allowed to choose their working hours according to their efficiency. The other demand of potential employees is that they are allowed to work from home if there presence at the company is not necessary. (user of HR services and their needs) Identify and prioritized conflicting needs The needs of the employees and managers with the organization are different. It is not possible for an organization to fulfill each and every demand and needs of the employees. This will leads to the degradation in the performance of the employees. Now it become necessary for an organization to identify and prioritized the conflicting needs according to the performance of employee and welfare of the company. The employees need such an environment at organization where there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste and region and where they can communicate comfortably. This need of employees should be prioritized first and make such rules and regulations to create such environment so that there performance level will increase. The priority should be given to those needs which help the organization to achieve its goal and the needs which are beneficial for most of the employees. It should not be done on individual basis whether he is a manager or an employee. The employees also need that they should be awarded with some bonuses and incentives according to their work. This demand of employees is beneficial for all the workers and because of this their performance level will increase. This need should be prioritized first because it helps in gaining companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s goal. The employees also demand that company should apply flexibility at work. According to the flexibility at work, the employees and managers are allowed to choose their working hours according to their stamina. This demand will increase the efficiency of the employees and give benefit to the organization. The organization should conduct the performance review. It is an in depth and more formal way to identify job related needs of an employee. According to the review the company is able to design such policies which will fulfill the needs of the maximum employees. An organization can also use the motivation inventory which will be used to identify needs of employees. They should also arrange various training session and meeting where the employees can discuss their needs and demands with the human resource managers. These sessions helps the managers to identify common needs and which need should be prioritized first. At the time of job interview, the manager should ask certain question which will uncover their needs at the workplace. These questions will help the organization to indentify those employees who can work at vigorous condition and with limited resources at the time of emergency. Another to indentify the customer need is effective communication. The effective communication between employees and managers are important because most of the problems and needs can be resolved just by communication. The employees also demand the better health facility at the organization. The priority should be given to this need also because the employee who has good health can work more efficiently and quickly. This will save the time of both workers and organization . (identify conflicting needs) Methods of communication The effective communication between employees and managers plays a vital role in the progress of an organization. Communication at workplace should be organized in the systematic manner like other activity. Top management is responsible for the successful communication at workplace. The main link in any method of communication is line supervisors and managers. Ineffective communication by line managers causes poor performance. The method of communication used for line managers is direct communication. The advantage for this method is that the line managers become more aware about the needs and problems of their employees. According to the needs of employees, they can easily plan the working schedule. Various training session and meeting should be organized by an organization so that the employees can easily communicate with their managers directly on different issues. The communication must be concise, easily understood and clear. Sometime, the employees force their line managers to accept their needs even they are not useful for an organization. In direct communication, there is no written proof for any communication and because of this a person can not claim anyone at the time of any problem. Team briefing is another method of communication. The mentor of the group provides their employees with new information so that they the employees can ask any queries and discuss any problem. In this method the employees can easily cover all the important area. It is very time consuming and these session should be organized at regular interval. Another method of communication is electronic media. Electronic media helps in delivering important information cheaply and quickly. The employees can search any information on the website of their respective organization. The information through this method can be delivered at fast speed without any face to face contact with each employees and at one time information can reach too many employees. This method will save the time of both employees and management. The disadvantage of this method is that the information can not be delivered at the time of any technical problem or system crash problem. The employees also send their problems or any suggestion through email. Another method of communication is written document. Every organization has its own employee handbook which has information related to job. The employees are provided with this handbook so that they can aware of rule and regulation of an organization. The performance report of an employee is prepared in written document. This report will help the employee to analyze his performance and try to improve it. Newsletter and journals are another method of written document. These provide information to the employees on the regular basis about the company. It contains large amount of personal and social information. The aim of notices is to bring the attention of the employees, matter of specific interest and general information. Individual letter is a method of communication which ensures that the specific information is reached to the specific employees and targeted group. The advantage of the written document method is that the company has legal documents of information and because of this nobody will claim for any damage. It is also beneficial for those employees who has a part time job and who work from home. The disadvantage of this method is that it is very time consuming and sometime document get misplaced due to some human mistake. (method of communication)

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Eliminating Cancer with the Mind :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Eliminating Cancer with the Mind Over 1 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year and over 1,500 lives will be lost to cancer today (1). Many people undergo grueling hours of chemotherapy and radiation to discover that their cancer has spread to other parts of their body and that the treatments need to begin all over again. Unfortunately, there is no cure for cancer at the present time. Modern medical treatments attack the cancer and treat the organs affected by the disease, but pay little attention to the other areas of significance in the person's life. This calls for a new treatment that extends beyond the organs overcome by the disease and focuses on the person as a whole. Guided therapy, relying on the idea that the mind can affect the functions of the body and thus make people feel better, claims to do just that. But does it really work? Throughout history, the power of the imagination has helped people heal. In Eastern Medicine, envisioning one's well being has always been a large part of the healing process. In Tibetan medicine for example, physicians believe that creating a mental image of the healing god improves one's chances for recovery (2). The ancient Greeks, including Aristotle and Hippocrates, also had their patients use forms of imagery to help them heal. People continue to rely on imagery to hasten the healing process. Psychologists and neuroscientists use evidence from Positive Emission Tomography (PET) scans of the brain to demonstrate that guided imagery is effective. In a PET scan, the subject is injected with a small amount of radioactively labeled water. When an area of the brain is working hard and processing information, more blood flows through it and higher levels of the radioactive water are detected (3). In terms of brain activity, there is ample scientific evidence that imagining an experience stimulates the visual cortex, the same region of the brain activated by the actual experience (4). Stimulating the brain with imagery can have a direct effect on the nervous and endocrine systems, which ultimately affect the immune system. Thus, in terms of brain activity, picturing something and actually experiencing it are equivalent. Psychologists believe that relaxation, an essential part of guided imagery, is responsible for producing images and triggering the unconscious, which generates emotions (5). Research has shown that the physiological impact of relaxation is due to its inhibition of cortisol, a hormone released by the body in response to stress.

Skyscrapers Essay -- essays research papers

skyscraper architecture "" The architectural design of the 20th century skyscrapers has been redefined due to the advancement of our modern technology. Benny Louie Humanity 450 Dr. Maureen Schmid 17 May 1999 The architectural design of the 20th century skyscrapers has been redefined due to the advancement of our modern technology. In our modern society, the architectural design of skyscrapers is changing the downtown landscape of metropolitan areas. Due to the change of technologies, it has changed the architectural design of skyscraper dramatically in terms of the its function, design structures, heating and cooling systems and it social status in society. The basic function of the architecture is to provide a roof over peoples’ head. The main purpose of architecture is to act as a shelter for people to protect themselves against Mother Nature. As civilization development advances, we increased our knowledge and became more creative. Peo ple start to design buildings for means of displaying wealth and social status. The skyscraper fits the criteria to show the social status of such building with great height and elegance to the society. According to O’Gorman, â€Å"architecture is a form language, of communication.† (P.89) This communication is represented in the forms of texture, shape and style that reflects certain period of time. In the early period, architectures were associated with style and culture. â€Å"The Greeks built marble temples with Doric, Ionic or Corinthian columns. Egyptian architecture used heavy lotus columns, massive battered walls and pyramidal forms. The Gothic style used point arch, vast areas of stained glasses, pointed rib-vault construction.† (P. 92) Each had its unique characteristic feature to express its message. In the 20th century architectural design, architecture is no longer viewed as simple shelter to provide a roof over peoples’ head. Architectures a re designed with a more environmental conscious issue like cost, energy conservation and practicality of the structure. The interior environment is designed according to the space function of the structures. For example, â€Å"a dance hall, needs a large open-space with sufficient room for the band and a bar and maybe for tables and chairs around the edge so that people can sit and chat.† (Conway & Rowan) This concept always applies to real life s... ...e is a sense of prestige for having offices or shops in these skyscrapers. Modern skyscrapers are being redefined by the use of advance technologies. Due to the advancement in technology, skyscrapers are able to reach new height easily. It changes the way architects design the structure of these buildings. The new function of the skyscraper is to provide great views, house antennas for communications, telebroadcasting and for entertainment purpose. The use of computer climate control system made the building a more comfortable environment for everyone. The great height of the skyscraper like the Sears Tower, it associates itself with the prestige of being the tallest of all. With the rapid advancement of technology and the influence of fame and wealth, sky is limit for the next generation of skyscrapers. Work cited Bennett, David. Skyscrapers Form & Function New York 1995 Conway, Hazel and Rowan, Roenisch. Understanding Architecture: An introduction to Architecture and archit ectural History. London and New York: Routledge 1994. O’Gorman, James. ABC of Architecture Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998 Online May 15, 1999 Word Count: 1429

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Inherit the WInd Essay -- Film, Paramount Pictures

It has come to my attention that you are in search of another potential Oscar-winning role. With your eminent success in the 1988 film, Inherit the Wind, for which you were nominated for an Oscar award, I have found it most appropriate to search for a role in the same genre. With that being said, I had Paramount Pictures fax over role opportunities for their upcoming project, the film adaption of Henrik Ibsen’s play, An Enemy of the People. Paramount’s casting manager believes that you will be a perfect fit for the main role as Dr. Thomas Stockmann, and I could not agree more. Throughout the play, Dr. Thomas Stockmann and his immediate family counters their entire town to expose the truth about contaminated water at the town’s â€Å"medical† baths. Although the townspeople reject the truth, Dr. Stockmann refuses to give up, and this brings great trouble to him and his family. This complex character embodies the playwright’s message—although w hat is right may go against what the majority wants or believes, it must not be hidden, but defended. As Ibsen shows the struggles that Dr. Stockmann and his family experience while exposing the truth, he is able to criticize democracy by illustrating the tyrannies that can arise out of it. The actions of Dr. Stockmann and his family make this play exceedingly powerful and expose human flaws to the audience, which I am certain will make for an excellent Oscar-award winning film. Allow me now to further describe the role of Dr. Stockmann and his significance in the play. Mr. Douglas, in order to illustrate the significance of Dr. Stockmann’s role, I feel it is necessary to first provide you with a few important points about the time period in which Henrik Ibsen wrote his play. The Norwegian playw... ...d maintain his reputation, or is it what he truly thinks of the film. I think the film adaption of An Enemy of the People will compel people to question certain aspects of their societies, and hopefully convince them to reveal the truths regardless if it goes against the majority. Mr. Douglas, I truly hope that I have convinced you to accept the role of Dr. Stockmann, such a determined and dynamic character. Ibsen’s message is so powerful, that it should not only be confined in a play, but also in a film. I am certain the film will gain a great amount of interest from the public, and be nominated for an Oscar. Many independent, reliable, and respected critics have also reviewed the script and consider this film to be one that will almost certainly top the box offices around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact my agency if you have any further questions.

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The Movie Ball of Fire

The movie â€Å"Ball of Fire† is a comedy film that is released in the year 1941, which tells the story about a group of professors that have been working themselves for several years to finish an encyclopedia and depicts the story of the group’s encounter with a nightclub performer who provides her own profound source of unique knowledge (Ball of Fire-1941). As such, the film is also known as the â€Å"The Professor and the Burlesque Queen,† which presents early movie stars namely Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck for the lead role in the movie (Ball of Fire-1941).For the supporting roles, movie artists like Oskar Homolka, Richard Haydn, Henry Travers, Dan Duryea, Elisha Cook Jr. and Dana Andrews have done an amazing participation in the overall positive outcome of the story (Ball of Fire-1941). Moreover, the movie tells the story of a group of eight mild-mannered professors who are working hard in compiling an encyclopedia. Their work is seen to be monotonous an d boring but things are falling into place.It is until the language expert â€Å"Professor Bertram Potts† realizes that his section on slang is seen to be outdated. In this regard, he decided to venture into the outside world to do his research. In the process he met a nightclub singer â€Å"Sugarpuss O'Shea† who has problems with her mobster boyfriend and needs a place to hide in. The professors allow Sugarpuss to live with them and have been effective in teaching the professors more than the slang language by livening up their academic lives with nylons and conga lines.Professor Potts becomes obsessed with Sugarpuss but when the boyfriend of Sugarpass wants her back, things have started to become complicated. At the end of the movie, Professor Potts has outwitted the boyfriend of Sugarpass and pursue his love for Sugarpuss by proposing marriage to her. In light of the story of the movie, it can be said that being smart does not only mean being good at the teachings o f the book. Hence, the characteristic of being smart and intelligent can never be learned in a secluded area, more specifically in the four corners of the class.As such, the story of the movie has depicted these notions on the realizations of Professor Potts, that his knowledge in slang word is seen to be outdated and requires a need to venture in the real or outside world to be able to acquire new information. Likewise, it is seen that the purpose of receiving a formal education is to guide the person and empower an individual towards the achievement of his or her aspirations in the future. In thoughts, it is seen the formal education is essential to teach and render an individual with all the appropriate and needed knowledge that a person needs to acquire.Hence, there is a need to balance the formal and informal knowledge that can never be acquired and taught in the classroom, which the personal life experiences can only edify. Likewise, the movie â€Å"Ball of Fire† has de picted that the learning that occurs in the school of hard knocks is as essential as that which is taught in the formal education that leads to a balance between the real-life education and the importance of knowledge that the book provides.In the end, it can be said that the movie is set to provide a better understanding about the importance of knowledge that can be acquired in both real-life learning and formal education. As such, it can be seen that knowledge which can only be acquired in real life experiences is as essential as the education that can be learned from school. Hence, both these types of knowledge are essential factors towards the achievement of the person’s future career and personal goals in life. Works Cited Ball of Fire – 1941. IGN Entertainment, Inc. 27 October 2008

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Coconut- Tree of Life Essay

The Coconut Tree (Cocos Nucifera L.) is called â€Å"The Tree of Life† because of the endless list of products and by-products derived from its various parts. Food, shelter, fuel – name it, the coconut has it. The coconut industry is considered a major dollar earner that provides livelihood to one-third of the country’s population. Coconut Meat From coco meat can be obtained coco flour, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut chips, candies, bukayo or local sweetened shredded coconut meat, latik copra and animal feeds. Coco chips, which are curved and wrinkled coconut meat, is crisply toasted and salted. It is very popular in Hawaii. Coconut flour can be used as a wheat extender in baking certain products without affecting their appearance or acceptability. The coconut milk is a good protein source. Whole coco milk contains about 22% oil, which accounts for its laxative property. Coconut Oil Copra is dried coconut meat that has a high oil content, as much as 64%. Coconut oil is the most readily digested of all the fats of general use in the world. The oil furnishes about 9,500 calories of energy per kilogram. Its chief competitors are soya bean oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil. Coconut oil retards aging. It counteracts heart, colon, pancreatic and liver tumor inducers. And it is easy to digest. In the detergent industry, coconut oil is very important. Its most outstanding characteristic is its high saponification value in view of the molecular weight of most of the fatty acid glycerides it contains. An advantageous utilization of the coconut oil as a detergent was discovered in a May 1951 study wherein a formulation using coconut oil was found to be an effective sanitizer. Other products from coco oil are soap, lard, coco chemicals, crude oil, pomade, shampoo, margarine, butter and cooking oil. Coconut Leaves Cocnut leaves produce good quality paper pulp, midrib brooms, hats and mats, fruit trays, waste baskets, fans, beautiful midrib decors, lamp shades, placemats, bags and utility roof materials. Coconut Fruit The coconut fruit produces buko, often used for salads, halo-halo( crushed ice with sweetened fruit), sweets and pastries. Buko is of three kinds: mala-kanin, or having the consistency of boiled rice; mala-uhog, mucus-like consistency and ready for eating; and mala-katad, or like leather. The last kind is the one used for making sweets. A mature coconut, or niyog is used in making sweets and special Filipino dishes. The â€Å"sport fruit† of the coconut is the makapuno. Considered a delightful delicacy and largely used for making preserves and ice-cream, it cannot be kept in storage and will not germinate. It has three layers: semi-acid, soft and hard meat. Coconut Water Coconut water is also called liquid endosperm. It is thrown away during copra making and becomes a great waste. Uses of coconut water include: coconut water vinegar; coconut wine; production of the chewy, fiber-rich nata good as a dessert and as alaxative; as a growth factor; and as a substitute for dextrose. Another breakthrough use is in coconut water theraphy to cure renal disorders. â€Å"Bukolysis†, as it is also called, is the medical process of reducing or dissolving urinary stones of the urinary tract systems using buko water from 7 to 9 months old coconuts. Bukolysis is the brainchild of Dr. Eufemio Macalalag Jr., a urologist. For preventive medication, water from one mature coconut consumed daily, could almost guarantee that the formation of stones in the urinary tract will be avoided. To those already afflicted, the coconut water theraphy has been proven to be an inexpensive and effective cure. Coconut water is commonly promoted as an economical thirst quencher, hunger satisfier and medical cure for renal disorders all in one. Using coconut water, a nata de coco-like growth produced after 14 days which, when cooked in syrup, is apopular dessert. When mixed with other ingredients, like the making of fruit salad, it will enhance the flavor of the dish. And whoever said that nata de coco is just for food was wrong. This nata-like growth is dextran and can be made to comply with the specifications for clinical dextran, then we have in the coconut water an important contribution in the atomic defense against radiation sickness. Coconut Husk Coconut husks are made of bristle fiber (10%), mattress fiber (20%) and coir dust and shorts or wastes (70%). The abundance of fiber nakes it good, stable supply for cottage industries that make brushes, doormats, carpets, bags, ropes, yarn fishing nets, and mattresses, etc. Coir fiber can also be used as substitute for jute in making rice, copra, sugar, coffee, bags and sandbags. It is also suitable for making pulp and paper, etc. For the first time, the Philippines can export coir fiber to Japan, Germany and the United States with the proper assistance extended by the government, the industry being new. The well board is manufactured from coir dust and short fibers. No binding materials are needed as lignin is inherent in the coconut husk. Also it is termite-proof because creosote is present in the new material. The board produced is as good as narra, plywood or masonite. Coir yarn, coir rope, bags, rugs, husk decor, husk polishes, mannequin wig, brush, coirflex, and fishnets are other products that can be obtained from coco husk. Out of coir dust can be obtined coco gas, lye insulator, insoflex and plastic materials. Coconut Pith Out of its pith can be produced coco pickles, guinatan and lumpia. Its guinit can produce helmets, caps, wooden shoe straps, handbags, fans, picture and house decor like lamp shades and guinit flowers for the table. Ever heard of the â€Å"Millionaire’s Salad†? It’s fit for any ordinary man though, it is made up of â€Å"palmetto cabbage† which, when translated properly, is simply the local ubod or the â€Å"heart† of the coconut. Actually, ubod is considered one of the finest vegetables in the Philippines. It can be served in many appetizing ways. Cubed in fairly large bits, it makes wonderful addition to Spanish rice, or in their long strips, to Arroz a la Cubana. As a salad, it is mixed with mayonnaise or thousand island dressing and heaped onto lettuce leaves, red pepper, chopped spring onions, paprika, or a combination of some of those may be used to garnish this all-white salad. Crab meat with ubod in lumpia can prove to be very delicious. Infloresence Out of the bud of the coconut tree’s infloresence is a juice called coconut toddy or tuba. The fermented juice is the common alcoholic drink in the coconut region. The fermented tuba would be a good drink even to those who enjoy the finer things. The principal uses of the toddy are: as fresh beverage; for producing alcoholic beverages; for producing vinegar; for making sugar; and as a source of yeast for making bread. Coconut toddy, after being left for five days then distilled, produces an alcoholic spirit known locally as lambanog which is more or less 98% proof. In its taste, sweet toddy is a liquid containing essentially 12 to 18% sugar (sucrose). Other products from the coconut tree’s infloresence are gin, vinegar, candy trays, Christmas and wall decor. Coconut Shell Coconut shell produces the core of the most saleable household products and fashion accessories that can be turned into lucrative, wide-selling cottage industries. Among them are shell necklaces, shell bags, cigarette boxes, shell ladles, buttons, lamp shades, fruit and ash trays, guitars, placemats, coffee pots, cups, wind chimes, â€Å"coco banks†, briquetted charcoal and activated carbon. The most important use of coconut shell is activated carbon produced from its charcoal. It is utilized in air purification systems such as cooker hoods, air conditioning, industrial gas purification systems, and industrial and gas masks. Coconut Trunk & Roots Out of the coconut trunk, hardy and durable wood is obtained to make benches, tables, carvings, picture frames, tables, tool boxes, and construction materials, among many others. Paper pulp can also be extracted from the coconut trunk and other woody parts of the tree. Among the woody parts of the tree, the trunk gives the highest pulp yield of 43%; the midribs, 41%, and the petiole or the slender stop that support the leaf, 32%. Tests also show that coconut coir (80%) and abaca bleached sulfate pulp (40%) are a good combination in the production of offset bookpaper. Medicine, beverages and dyestuff are obtained from the coconut roots.

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Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

If the porters can organize their industry, hold their ranks, prove their fighting ability in the interest of the working class, it will have a profound effect on the attitude of white organized labor. And it will have a profound effect upon the organizable capacity of Negro workers in other industries. These men who punch our pillows and shine our shoes and stow our bags under the seats bear in their hands no little of the responsibility for the industrial future of their race (The Nation, June 9, 1926).Most observers would have thought it quite unlikely during the early 1920s that the sleeping car porters, those seemingly obsequious men, always bowing and scraping in the presence of whites with their hands held out for a tip, would ever have been able to start a union. Even more preposterous was the thought that they not only would start a union, but that their organization would become a nationally recognized symbol of the New Negro, a leader in the struggle of black people to att ain their rightful Place as part of the American working-class.Not only were porters servile and easily frightened men, people would say, but the vast majority of them worked for the Pullman Company, a giant among American capitalist enterprises. The company was the largest single employer of blacks in the country, and most black spokesmen believed that black people owed the Chicago-based corporation a debt of gratitude. Moreover, the Pullman Company was notoriously anti-union. Should porters attempt anything so foolish as forming a union, the company would crush the incipient movement before it ever began (Perata 45-47).However, by the end of World War II, Randolph and the brotherhood were major forces within American labor and society. The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP), was the first African American labor organization to affiliate with the American Federation of Labor (AFL). The BSCP, founded by the labor leader Asa Philip Randolph in 1925, organized black Pullman ca r porters. Far more than a labor union, the BSCP was also a pivotal organization in the twentieth-century civil rights movement. Randolph was president of the BSCP from 1925 to 1968.Although he also held general organizer credentials, his role within the BSCP was largely that of public spokesperson and agitator, with practical matters being left in the hands of men like the BSCP organizers Milton Webster, Ashley Totten, and C. L. Dellums. The labor movement had done more for advancement of blacks than any other institution in America. Between 1928 and the 1935 convention, the laws governing labor-management relations bad changed dramatically. In July 1935, President Franklin D.Roosevelt signed into law the Wagner-Connery Act, which guaranteed workers the right to organize. But more important to the BSCP, Congress had passed the Amended Railway Labor Act of 1934 which guaranteed railroad workers that right. Moreover, that act required corporations to negotiate with unions that could prove that they represented the majority of a particular class of workers, and created the National Mediation Board to protect workers' interests. The emancipation of slaves following the Civil War did little to resolve their precarious social and economic status.As late as 1910, 83. 3 percent of African Americans resided in the South. The vast majority were engaged in agricultural work, with black artisanship suffering erosion when Reconstruction ended and Jim Crow systems became dominant. One of the few corporations to employ large numbers of African Americans was the Pullman Company, the maker and supplier of luxury cars for railroads. Founder George Pullman hired ex-slaves as servants for his cars as early as 1870, and by the turn of the century, Pullman was the single largest employer of black labor.Of the 12,000 porters employed by Pullman in 1925, all were black except for about 400 Mexicans and a handful of Asians. What emerged was a complex relationship between black employ ees, the Pullman Corporation, and rail passengers. From its origin the BSCP had three goals. First, of course, union leaders wanted to gain recognition from the Pullman Company as the official representative of porters and maids so as to improve their wages and working conditions.Second, and of equal importance, at least to Randolph, the BSCP was the means by which black workers would break down barriers to equal membership in organized labor. Thus, Randolph and his colleagues set their sights on an international charter from the AFL. The union's third goal stemmed from the first two. A union under black leadership strong enough to gain recognition from the Pullman Company and to wrest a charter from the AFL would serve as an example to other working-class blacks of the possibilities for improving their lives. Many of the black men (including J.Finley Wilson, president of the Improved and Benevolent Order of Elks of the World; Perry Howard, perennial Republican national committeeman from Mississippi; and Benjamin E. Mays, who became president of Morehouse College and of the Atlanta school board) who went on to make names for themselves worked for Pullman at one time. The harsh irony is that such men accepted jobs at Pullman largely because the company offered the best opportunities available for black men. Indeed, a porter's annual pay of $810 plus tips in 1925 far exceeded that of a black school teacher.In addition, porters were considered cosmopolites, men of the world who flitted back and forth across the country, visiting regularly places most blacks could never dream of seeing. Black women were instrumental in advancing the brotherhood from its earliest days. A small number of black women employed as maids by the Pullman Company took out memberships in the BSCP, but women were most active in auxiliaries. Wives and other female relatives of Pullman employees started to establish local auxiliaries in 1926, and that same year several auxiliaries combined to form the Colored Women's Economic Council.Women's auxiliaries were instrumental in raising money for the brotherhood in the days before an AFL charter boosted the organizational treasury. They also performed important community functions such as offering financial assistance to families left destitute when the Pullman Company dismissed black wage earners (Chateauvert 197). The BSCP took advantage of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's election in 1932. New Deal legislation outlawed company unions and granted workers the right to bargain through their own elected units.In 1934, the Railway Labor Act was amended to include sleeping car employees. Women continued their feverish activity on behalf of the union, and women's auxiliaries became so numerous that a coordinated network of Ladies Auxiliaries of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters emerged in 1938. Increased political, legal, and organizational activity gave Randolph the necessary leverage to call for a union election. In June 1935, despite massive layoffs by Pullman, the BSCP won collective bargaining rights by a nearly eight-to-one margin.BSCP officials not only sought legitimacy for their own union but looked on the union as a vehicle for the advancement of all black workers. During the Great Depression the Brotherhood participated in various grass roots activities and workers' actions. The union joined in the numerous protests throughout the country over the plight of the Scottsboro Boys, nine young blacks convicted of rape in Alabama, and was a leader in the successful efforts of organized labor and civil rights organizations to prevent the confirmation of judge John J.Parker, whom President Herbert Hoover nominated for the Supreme Court in 1930 (Santino 34). The BSCP alone tied together Parker's racist and anti-union sentiments. And though they would not go so far as to support Communist activities, Randolph and other BSCP spokesmen encouraged black workers to form workers' councils so as to demand equitable relief funds from the U. S. government, especially after the origin of the New Deal. The BSCP was the very first African-American labor union to sign a collective bargaining agreement with a main U.S. corporation (Santino 67). All applicants were required to take the General Test the United States Employment Service. Each applicant was also given an intensive interview with an employment service counselor to determine whether he might have a substantial potential in the trade regardless of his ability to meet the minimum standards. Under the collective bargaining agreement, appointments as apprentices were to be made from among the highest scorers. Randolph's career is one of the most interesting in contemporary black history.As an opponent of participation in World War I and an angry critic of the Wilson administration, Randolph's writings earned The Messenger the title of ‘the most able and the most dangerous of all Negro publications' (Pfeffer 67). During the int er-war years he devoted himself to trade union organization and gained prominence as the leader of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Not only did he secure recognition of the union from the railroads, but in 1936 took it into the American Federation of Labor as an international union.This union's founding and struggle for recognition was a dramatic episode in the history of black workers (Harris 78). The black leaders of the period, including Du Bois and Randolph, who believed in programs of interracial cooperation also believed that such a policy of working with whites must be accompanied by a campaign of public enlightenment about black people. To win whites to the cause it was necessary to correct the black image in their minds. Beyond an appeal to the conscience of whites, or to their democratic ideals, it was necessary to remove the misconceptions they held about blacks.In the mid- 1930s the Brotherhood won two notable victories-the receipt of an international charter fr om the American Federation of Labor and recognition by the Pullman Company as the bargaining agent for the porters and maids. Strengthened by its international union status and by its victory over the Pullman Company, the Brotherhood had become a dominant force in Negro circles by the late 1930s. References Chateauvert, Melinda. (1997). Marching Together: Women of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. Harris, William. (1977).Keeping the Faith: A. Philip Randolph, Milton P. Webster, and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, 1925-37. Urbana: University of Illinois Press. Perata, David. (1996). Those Pullman Blues: An Oral History of the African American Railroad Attendant. New York: Twayne Publishers. Pfeffer, Paula F. A. (1990). Philip Randolph, Pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. Santino, Jack. (1991). Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle: Stories of Black Pullman Porters. Urbana: University o f Illinois Press. The Nation, June 9, 1926, p. 3.

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Advertising Effects On Young People Essay

Advertising on American youth has changed somewhat in the last ten years. Today’s youth, mostly between the ages of 15-18, see an advertisement on television, or the internet and they want to try it , have it, or even steal for it because they desire it. Take alcohol advertisements for instance. Alcohol advertisements are more complex and appealing to today’s youth than they were ten years ago. The effect of these alcohol related advertisements, cause our youth to try just a little sip or worse drink to many. Because our youth today don’t understand the effect of alcohol on them, they get behind the wheel of a vehicle and either cause an accident where they hurt or kill themselves or they hurt or kill someone else. Alcohol advertisements were not as appealing ten years ago as they are today. Really all you would see were a few beer advertisements and the â€Å"Drink Responsibly† at the end of it. Honestly, who really drinks responsibly these days? I don’t believe that our American youth does or there would not be that many drunk driving accidents involving our youth. As far as technology advertisements, they are just as bad. The effects of these advertisements are a hundred times worse on today’s youth than they were ten years ago. Therefore, the effects of advertising on today’s young population has increased the potential for success, however there is still non-targeted advertisement that reaches out to today’s American youth in a potentially negative perspective. Television is the dominant way to advertise to American youth because that is what our youth spends most of their time doing. By searching online for evidence that could support this, I found these statistics from â€Å"Ages 15-24 spend 43% of their time watching television. Young people particularly like commercial television, which accounts for 76% of ages 16-34. Commercial television reaches 62% of the 16-34 population every day, 89% every week, and 97% every month. Of ages 5-16, 45% talk about their favorite television program with friends and family. Of ages 5-16, 34% say they regularly visit their favorite television website or Facebook page. 10% of ages 5-16, watch television on their laptops or computers in their rooms† (  ising/#2). These statistics can somewhat show that the youth today spends more time watching television and playing on their computers than they do outside. Furthermore, television has become a powerful piece of technology for today’s youth. For example, the variety of channels that is now available for our youth. For that reason, television is the main source of advertising to our youth today. Advertising today vs ten years ago can raise a lot of viewpoints among Americans today. Most people will argue that advertisements do not cause any effects on our youth, but I disagree. For instance, cigarette advertisements effect our youth in some way. Some young people choose to ignore these advertisements because they know it harms the body, while others choose to go purchase cigarettes because they think it makes them fit in more with their peers. I have seen more young people with a cigarette today than I did ten years ago. In addition to the cigarette advertisements, the alcohol advertisements raise concern with some. Alcohol advertisements tend to persuade our young people that its ok to drink as long as you drink responsibly. There is not one young person that says â€Å"Ok, I will only have a couple of drinks†. Young people tend to do what they think will make them more acceptable in today’s society. To me, this is unacceptable behavior. In a similar fashion, Violence has taken over our youth today. The video games that most young people play portray violence in a very bad way. Some gangs or â€Å"clicks† use this type of violence as an initiation for young people to join. I have seen more teen tragedies in today’s news due to this type of violence than the last ten years. There is teen kidnappings, violent injuries and even murders. Most of the time, it is teen on teen violence because they think its ok because they see it on television or even the internet. It is ridiculous on how much violence has happen with today’s youth. I believe it is because of all the advertisements that portray violence has an ok thing. For example, video games are the main source of violence in today’s youth. My opinion on this type of advertising is one of the causes of most of our youth’s accidents, tragedies, and even deaths. Today’s advertising has more effect on our youth than it did ten year s ago. In conclusion, advertising on American youth has caused tragedies and even death. Young people today really don’t have enough common sense to know that if it looks, taste, or smells bad, that it probably is and that they should not partake in it. Our young people today seem to think that if they partake in things that could hurt them then it makes them fit in more with their peers. To clarify, â€Å"If you can drink this or smoke this or even try this, then you can be part of this â€Å"click†. It sickens me to know that even our youth today has effects on other young people. Parents should monitor more of what their child is doing, what they are watching and what kind of people their child is friends with. In another sense, parents could prevent tragedies or even death from occurring. Yes, advertising in some way has increased the potential for success in American youth; however it still has potentially negative perspectives on American youth today. By parents monitoring what their child is watching, what their child is doing, and what kind of people their child is friends with can potentially decrease the amount of smoking, drinking, and violence that our young people partake in today. There is always positive potential for our American youth. We just have to monitor more of what they watch and make sure that they know right from wrong. THESIS AND OUTLINE The effects of advertising on today’s young population has increased the potential for success, however there is still non-targeted advertisements that reaches out to today’s American youth in a potentially negative perspective. I. Introduction Paragraph A. The relation between advertising today verses ten years ago. B. The effects on American youth today verses ten years ago. C. Thesis Statement II. Body Paragraph A. Topic Sentence on the focus of the paragraph B. Specific examples of the effects of advertising on today’s youth. C. My explanation and analysis of my examples. D. Summary Sentence III. Body Paragraph A. Topic Sentence that identifies opposing viewpoints. B. My explanation on why I disagree C. Examples of why I disagree D. Summary Sentence IV. Conclusion Paragraph A. Summary of my body paragraphs B. Thesis statement reiterated C. My final thoughts or call for action

Migration. Multiculturalism. Mobilization Essay

Migration. Multiculturalism. Mobilization - Essay Example Voltaire (quoted above), the French Historian and Philosopher, spoke about the concept of religious diversity centuries ago and reflected a prosperous society as a result of this diversity. Many years, wars and generations later, the world has become a much smaller place especially with the rise of globalization and constant travel of people. The last century on-looked the surfacing of a cluster of social, intellectual and political movements led by diverse factions as the indigenous communities, national minorities, ethno-cultural populations, old and new immigrants, feminists, gay men and women. These inhabitants symbolized distinctive practices, customs, lifestyles, views and ways of life that are different from, often disapproved of, and in varying degrees discouraged and criticized by the prevailing culture of the wider society (Parekh 2000). Ethnic and cultural pluralism that are the foundations of multiculturalism in Western societies, have been a cause of debate and considera ble criticism amongst the politics and general public. This essay studies the role multiculturalism has in the socio-political and economical context. Defining Multiculturalism The conception of multiculturalism symbolizes a relatively new approach to elucidate the age-old process of civilizations and re-settlement. Migration and multiculturalism have become critical points in political agendas across the globe. However, before dwelling into the details of political and sociological complexities of multiculturalism, it is important to understand what the term means and review its available definitions. In his book, Multicultural Citizenship: A Liberal Theory of Minority Rights, Canadian philosopher and multiculturalism researcher Will Kymlicka has discussed upon the conundrum of defining multiculturalism (Kymlicka 1995). He debates that the term multicultural is either too vague, because it clusters multination and poly-ethnic, or is too broad as it can embrace non-ethnic social gro ups, like the disabled, gays and feminists, etc.   This argument over the coverage of the term stems from the scholarly disagreements over definitions of culture.  The following are a number of definitions for â€Å"multiculturalism† in peer-reviewed research: â€Å"Multiculturalism is a system of beliefs and behaviors that recognizes and respects the presence of all diverse groups in an organization or society, acknowledges and values their socio-cultural differences, and encourages and enables their continued contribution within an inclusive cultural context which empowers all within the organization or society.† (Rosado 1996) â€Å" Multiculturalism is the co-existence of diverse cultures, where culture includes racial, religious, or cultural groups and is manifested in customary behaviours, cultural assumptions and values, patterns of thinking, and communicative styles.† (IFLA 2005) â€Å" Multiculturalism can be defined as the challenging, the dismantl ing, the remaking of public identities in order to achieve an equality of citizenship that is neither merely individualistic nor premised on assimilation." (Modood 2005) â€Å"Multiculturalism is concerned with the representation, not of difference as such, but of cultural identities.† (Henry Louis Gates 1993). It should be noted that despite the fact that the term â€Å"cultural identities† is used in defining multiculturalism, the author argues against the inclusion of gender and sexual identities in a culture specific context. Author Dan Rodriguez-Garcia, in his paper on assimilation and multiculturalism, has defined a multiculturalist or pluralist society as â€Å"